About Paso Finos
The History of the Paso Fino

The Paso Fino horse began in Spain with the chance mix of the Spanish Barb, Andalusian, and the Spanish Jennet. The Paso Fino was introduced to the New World by Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas. Centuries of selective breeding by those who colonized the Caribbean, and Latin and South America have produced a breed noted for its stamina, smooth gait, beauty, and intelligence. Utilized by the Conquistadors as their foundation stock, Paso Finos became known as "Los Caballos de Paso Fino" (The Horse with the Fine Step.) Awareness to the breed did not spread to North America until after WW II. Today Paso Finos are being used in all Equine Disciplines, and are unequalled when it comes to the amazingly smooth ride they produce.

Paso Fino Mares

Paso Finos are also great family horses

Paso Finos

Paso Finos come in a variety of colors.

The Paso Fino Experience

Owning a Paso Fino is a special experience and while you and your Paso Fino will be perfectly happy on a quiet trail ride, there are a host of other activities you can enjoy together with your Paso Fino: the show ring, reining, competitive trail & endurance rides, pleasure & competitive driving to name a few.

Whatever you want out of your horse owning experience, the Paso Fino will make sure it is an enjoyable experience that will last a lifetime.
Paso Fino Stallion

The Horse With The Fine Step

The Paso Fino Gait

The gait of the Paso Fino horse is totally natural and normally exhibited from birth. It is an evenly-spaced four beat lateral gait with each foot contacting the ground independently in a regular sequence at precise intervals creating a rapid, unbroken rhythm. Executed perfectly, the four hoof beats are absolutely even in both cadence and impact, resulting in unequalled smoothness and comfort for the rider.

The Paso Fino gait is performed at three forward speeds and with varying degrees of collection:

Classic Fino – Full collection with very slow forward speed. The footfall is extremely rapid while the steps and extension are exceedingly short.

Paso Corto - Forward speed is moderate, with full to moderate collection. steps are ground-covering but unhurried, executed with medium extension and stride.

Paso Largo - The fastest speed of the gait, executed with a longer extension and stride, and moderate to minimal collection.

Paso Fino Foal

A Newborn Paso Fino Foal

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